At Evolved You, transformation meets empowerment! We embark on a transformative journey with girls and their parents, offering a blueprint for their unique metamorphosis. Through meticulously crafted transformation tools, Evolved You empowers students and adults to soar in pivotal aspects of life, including academics, leadership, relationships, self-care, career awareness, and emotional wellness. Elevate your possibilities, embrace your evolution! Our biggest initiative is Evolved Girl!


evolved girl  is transforming lives

EGEP Online

Girls can evolve in the comfort of their homes (online).

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Schools & Orgs

EGEP for schools and organizations to facilitate in person.

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EG Bootcamp / Events

Girls have the opportunity to participate in a live event / conference.



Jacqueline Deas 

Your Metamorphosis Mentor


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We'll keep you inspired and updated about our transformative events and resources. 

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