Reeshemah H., Health Coach, Co-Founder of Wealthy Sisters Network

Houston, TX

Before I met Jackie, I had completed most of my book, but I was at a stand still. Something was blocking me.  After coaching with Jackie, I finally published my book, "Don't Die by Your Own Hands" which is now on Amazon.  Somehow, I got the inspiration and motivation that I needed to finish!  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. 

Cheeka H., Speaker, Entrepreneur

Houston, TX

My experience with Jacqueline Deas has literally changed my life.  Her conference, "From Mountain to Miracle" pushed me to finally leave the place of stagnation (at the foot of the mountain) of not living my true purpose to finally showing up and going to my place of promise.  She is the Coach who will catapult you to your next level.

Dr. Pekola R., Entrepreneur, Minister


Jacqueline's conference was better than super fantastic.  Her coaching is absolutely life changing. Her training and coaching is worth every penny, every minute and every tear.  I will never be the same. Thank you for the oil that you pour in others.

Dr. Theresa S., Educator, Entrepreneur, Pastor

Houston, TX

Jacqueline Deas is the truth! This woman embodies a God given quality that guides one into a realm of personal awareness, worth, and heightened consciousness to manifest potential. Jacqueline is a master life strategist.  She has a wealth of tools and a proven system to revolutionize one's thinking of oneself and  shift her into a purposed-driven life.  Whatever your gift is.. Jacqueline will pull it out. Your life will never be the same when you have an encounter with her."  Thank you Jacqueline for being my mentor and friend.

Madelin S., Massage Therapist

Greensboro, NC

Jacqueline's coaching helped me in my business as well as personal life.  As a result of her coaching, I manifested my soul mate with the principles that she taught me.  She shifted my thinking and helped me get in touch with myself!

JoAnn G., CEO Fit Just 4 You, Fitness Trainer

Houston, TX

Jacqueline is a life-changing experience. I came as a woman struggling with who I am.  I left as another woman embracing how great I am.  I recommend Jackie's coaching, conference to everyone and anyone who is ready for change!

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