Welcome to Evolved Girl!

What is Evolved Girl?


Evolved Girl is a movement for school-age girls (4th grade and up). The program has been implemented in public schools and it is transforming the lives of young girls. These empowered girls learn:


  • leadership

  • social skills

  • coping skills

  • the importance of valuing themselves and others

  • goal-setting

  • conflict management

  • managing (bad) peer pressure,

  • decision making and

  • how to tap into the genius within.


The Evolved Girl program uses the book, Evolved Girl which is available on Amazon. This program is usually facilitated by the School Counselor.  The Counselor's manual (which includes forms and assessments)  is available on this website at no cost. 

How Evolved Girl Began

One day I was facilitating a guidance class at Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, in Camden, SC,   a 5th grade girl said, "Mrs. Deas, can I ask you a question?"  I stopped and encouraged her to ask away.  She said, "there are always counseling groups for the bad kids.   It seems that counselors and principals spend all of their time on the kids who get in trouble and make bad choices. They get treats and all sorts of rewards when they act right. They get rewarded to things that we are already doing.  What about us?  What about the girls who do the right thing?  We get overlooked and no one knows us because we don't get in trouble. We don't get rewarded.  Do we have to act out to get attention?"  Immediately, the other girls chimed in and agreed. Several girls then asked, "Will you start a group for us?"


That moment was a game changer for me!  It was a moment of reckoning and realization. I totally understood how they felt. From the eyes of students, that was their reality.  The truth is, we do know the names of the students who constantly get in trouble and we seldom celebrate students who are committed to growth.  Educators and counselors do create behavioral plans that offer rewards and perks for students who seem out of control.  Students who make good choices are often overlooked.  That moment was the catalyst for Evolved Girl! After my awesome administrators (Principal, Melissa Royalty and Assistant Principal, EJ Bringer) blessed and welcomed the idea, this journey began.


I made it my personal mission to give attention to the girls who wanted to evolve. They asked for a group and I owed it to them.  We used baselines so that we could measure the success of the group.  The girls rocked it! Girls who participated in Evolved Girl demonstrated extreme growth academically, socially, and emotionally. They were respected by their peers.  They felt a sense of pride for belonging to something awesome! When we met, they were greeted with hot chocolate and fresh donuts.  (They chose the menu!) We had an Evolved Girl party at the end our our session.  They helped me evolve as a Counselor and I am grateful!


Testimonials from Evolved Girls


  • I listen more. My grades have improved.

  • I made “A” Honor Roll. I am the first one in my family to make the honor roll.

  • I brought my grades up. I made AB Honor Roll for the first time. I set goals for myself to do better in school.

  • I am more confident in myself and I feel better about myself.

  • I was a C/D student. I am not making A’s and B’s. I set goals to learn.

  • My relationships have improved. I am more friendly and I have better grades. (Other students confirmed that she is friendlier).

  • My grades have improved in every subject except Science

  • I am doing better with being on time. My grade has improved in Math.

  • I was getting some bad grades. I have improved in Math, Science, SS because I study more. I created new goals.

  • I bought a new planner at Wal-Mart and put my activities and assignments in it. I am more focused. I went up in all my grades except SS.

  • I was angry. At home, we argued about every little thing. I am different at home. Now, I am working things out at home. We don’t argue as much. I am listening more. I went from a D to C.

  • I am learning how to handle conflicts. I don’t have as much conflict.

Who Can Facilitate Evolved Girl?

  • School Counselors / Staff

  • Administrators

  • Youth Leaders


Where can I find the book? 

The Evolved Girl book is available on Amazon.  The Evolved Girl Counselor's manual as a download.



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