Welcome to Evolved Girl!


The Evolved Girl program has been implemented in the public school system. It is a movement for school-aged girls (elementary - middle school). These empowered girls learn: leadership, social skills, how to embrace their value, the art of goal-setting, how to stand up to (bad) peer pressure, decision making and how to tap into the genius within.


Here are remarks of students who participated in Evolved Girl.

  • "I listen more.  My grades have improved.

  • I made “A”  Honor Roll.  I am the first one in my family to make the honor roll.

  • I brought my grades up.  I made AB Honor Roll for the first time.  I set goals for myself to do better in school.

  • I am more confident in myself and I feel better about myself.

  • I was a C/D student.  I am not making A’s and B’s.  I set goals to learn.

  • My relationships have improved.  I am more friendly and I have better grades.  (Other students confirmed that she is friendlier).

  • My grades have improved in every subject except Science

  • I am doing better with being on time.  My grade has improved in Math.

  • I was getting some bad grades.  I have improved in Math, Science, SS because I study more.  I created new goals.

  • I bought a new planner at Wal-Mart and put my activities and assignments in it.  I am more focused.  I went up in all my grades except SS.

  • I was angry.  At home, we argued about every little thing. I am different at home.   Now, I am working things out at home.  We don’t argue as much. I am listening more. I went from a D to C.

  • I am learning how to handle conflicts.  I don’t have as much conflict."



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