published books 

Evolved Girl is a book for school-age girls that is designed to empower them socially, academically, emotionally, and vocationally.  The girls learn insight about leadership, goal-setting, social skills and manners, decision making, handling friendship drama, and standing up to peer pressure. This book also allow students to journal their experiences so that they can reflect.

Does it seem as if something is holding you back from achieving your goals? Have you felt stuck lately?  Have you secretly wondered why some people get ahead and others continue to live a mediocre life?  There's a reason.  There is a formula for success.  Success is not based on luck, as some believe. Desperate for Change shows you how to transform your mind so that you can see radical change in every area of your life! 

Parents, do you wish you could find a way to give your teen life-changing advice? Does it seem that you teen listens to everyone except you?  That is common among teens.  The Empowered and Enlightened Teen helps teens develop the life skills they need to survive middle / high school (and life). It addresses how to get along with parents and teachers, how to lead instead of following, the importance of choosing the right friends, taking care of their bodies, making good choices, making career decisions, and connecting to God. As a School Counselor who has worked with students from K - College, I understand the issues that teens, teachers and parents face. This books helps teens put life in perspective so that they can win in life. 

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This workbook provides relevant insight about how to set goals as well as printable worksheets to help you on your goal-setting journey.  All of the tools that you need to transform your WISH to a GOAL, and your GOAL to a  REALITY are included! 

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Are you unemployed or underemployed?  Millions of people are. Have you found yourself waiting for something magical to happen so that you can finally have a career that you love? The unEmployment Kit helps you discover how to re-create yourself so that you can experience your true passion and purpose.  The magic that you need is already in you!