"Jacqueline is an expert in teaching others how to rise above their current reality and tap into their personal power and genius. Her wisdom, spiritual insight, and ability to create solutions and move others to action, cause her to stand out as a Transformation Coach." 

Why Jackie 

Jacqueline (Jackie) is a CHANGE ARTIST, (Transformation Coach), School Counselor, Author, prolific writer, and songwriter. Jackie is an expert at helping others:  get unstuck, rise above their currently realities, and develop strategies that get desired results. She often says, "When people resolve to evolve, life will take on a new meaning and direction for them." She now understands the art and sciences of success because there was time when she was stuck and stagnant.  For years she lived with  a quiet discontentment because she felt so disconnected from her purpose and goals.  She struggled in most areas of her life and could not figure out why she was not getting desired outcomes.  She was trying to cope with many difficulties at the same time:

  • Financial Struggles

  • Health issues

  • Anxiety

  • A job that she hated

  • Relationship ups and downs and

  • Grieving the loss of a sister who died at at age 22

A journey of desperation led to spiritual awakening and coaching. This season also led her to the resources, people, and guidance that were needed to radically change her life.  That season was the catalyst for her book, "Desperate for Change" which explains the strategies and wisdom that aided in her personal evolution and success. Jackie is known for her ability to show you “how” to transform your life. There are many teachers that tell you what to do; she shows you “how” to do it. 


How Jackie Affects Change

Jackie richly impacts the lives of adults and youth!  She has created several platforms, (i.e. conferences, mastermind groups, and coaching classes and educational programs) that have helped many achieve personal and professional results and tap into their own genius. Her coaching has been the catalyst for many starting successful businesses, changing behavior and habits,  launching radio programs, pursuing their dreams, and experiencing success that was previously unimagined. Her life has been committed to inspiring, coaching, educating and training others. 

Jackie's Professional Work

Jackie has a diverse and rich background which allows her to connect holistically and effectively with others.  Her background includes working in Corporate America in Marketing for several years and then pursuing a career and calling to the counseling profession.  She realized that she was a passionate and gifted healer and problem-solver.  Her work has also included leadership roles in ministry.  


Jackie is also a gifted writer and teacher.  As early as 3rd grade,  her writing was featured in the local newspaper. This was the point in which she realized that she had writing talent and a unique ability to reach others through writing.  Many refer to her writing as motivation and inspiration in ink.   Today, Jackie is still an effective and skilled writer who is also a counselor and coach with a spiritual depth and business savvy.  She realizes this -- "to whom much is given, much is required."  The amalgamation of her work, expertise and calling resulted in the creation of Evolved You.

Youth  & Parent Empowerment

Jackie has worked with students  (and programs) ranging from Head Start through college in the following capacities:  School Counselor, Director of Special Academic Services (Disabilities Dept.), College Instructor, and  Trainer / Presenter.  She has partnered with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and presented at their DigiGirlz STEM conference. Jackie has also partnered with local corporations to sponsor programs for women and children.  She is the creator of Evolved Girl, a  leadership program designed for school-aged girls to: help them understand leadership, become effective leaders, build confidence in themselves, develop and enhance social skills, and understand how to develop great habits and a winning attitude. She has also facilitated workshops for parents to help them support their children, i.e. "How to Tap Into the Genius Within Your Child." She was selected to deliver the commencement address at Alliant International University (California School of Professional Psychology).

Women's  Empowerment

Much of Jackie's work has also been dedicated to helping women evolve. She created the Evolve! Mastermind group for women and "From Mountain to Miracle: conference and women's coaching class.  She was selected as a featured writer for Guilford Woman Magazine to deliver powerful articles on implementing change.  Jackie was also appointed by the City Councilmember and Mayor to serve as a Commissioner for the Commission on the Status of Women in Greensboro, NC. She has been a featured guest on radio programs.  

She has helped many connect with their purpose and live their dream. When you are in her presence, she exudes love and power in an undeniable way. Though she is a thought leader, she is still a student of life. She believes that we should never stop learning. Jackie's coaching, training, and books are centered around a model for CHANGE.  She believes that changes happens as a result of our choices, habits, attitude, navigation (map), tapping into your personal genius (skills, strengths) and education (getting the knowledge necessary to evolve). 


Jackie earned an undergraduate degree in Business and a graduate degree in Guidance & Counseling from Bowie University and a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy the distinguished California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in San Diego, CA.  She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority. 

Jacqueline is the author of several books and eBooks including:  Desperate for Change, The Empowered & Enlightened Teen, Evolved Girl, A New Paradigm for Unemployment,  From Mountain to Miracle, Transform Your Dreams Into Your Reality, and Get Results Now! 

Jackie and her husband live in Alabama.