Rosetta John Soaps

The Fundraiser for FutureStart Corp. 

The History of Rosetta John Oatmeal Soap

When my young nephew lived with us,  I watched him consistently scratch his arms, neck, legs and stomach.  Eczema was getting the best of him.  It hurt me to watch him scratch and scratch until the point of bleeding. He had a prescription cream, but the doctor also said that long-term use of the cream could cause thinning of skin or other problems.  I wanted to find a natural way to help manage his eczema so that he could sleep through the night without itching and go through the day without scraping and scratching.​

I remembered something!  When I lived in southern California, a lady gave me a bar of her homemade oatmeal soup to for a flare of eczema that was on my neck. She told me that if I used the soap, my neck would be clear within a week's time.  Out of desperation, I bought the soap and used it daily. I noticed relief after 3 days of using the soap.

I thought, "If I can find a recipe for soap and make it, perhaps my nephew could get the same relief."  Long story short, I made some bars of natural oatmeal soap with shea butter.  Within a week, we noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of his skin.  He was no longer scratching like crazy!  He had relief! I was relieved as well. This soap has been used by medical professionals as well! 

This soap is made with love, passion precision and expectation.  It is our expectation that you too will experience a remarkable difference in your skin. The soap was made for Ronald, named after my grandmother Rosetta who loved cleanliness and soap, and my husband John who is a clean freak. 

This soap is the signature fundraiser for FutureStart Corp. Purchase of this soap allows us to impact students and their families.