• Jacqueline Deas

What Are You Looking At?

Vision is the moving image that you have in your mind of yourself, your business, your family. Look at what you're looking at.

Behind the Eyes!

Sounds crazy to say, "Look at what you're looking at, doesn't it?" But, this is a life-changing exercise. What you see behind your eyes (in your mind) is way more important than what you see in front of you. Know why? What you see in your mind, drives what you do. Your vision is a driver!

Test Your Vision

  • What vision do you have of yourself now and in the short future? Do you see yourself happy, healed, purposeful? Or do you have visions of doom and gloom for yourself? IT'S DRIVING YOU.

  • What's the image that you see for your business, finances, calling, purpose. Do you see growth or scarcity?

Become Your Own Fortune-Teller (Seer)

Fortune tellers are also called "seers."Create a visual of your desired outcome daily and play that visual in your mind just as if you are watching a movie. How does it feel? How do you feel? Did you get some hope and excitement. This allows you to shape your own present and future. Become a SEER for yourself today. Hold on to a vision of something. Please make it a good something!

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