1.  If I attend college, I will definitely be able to find a good, high paying job.

2.  People who attend college are smarter than those who don't.

3. If I go to a 2-year college, it will take longer for me to find a job.

4. I am too young to decide what I want to do with my life.

5. I should wait until I go to college to decide my major.


All of the above are false!  




Attending a 2 -year college: (Some of this information below is from the AACC -American Association of Community Colleges)

  • Tuition is less expensive. At a community college, the tuition is about 50% lower!

  • The credits received at the community college are transferable to a 4-year college.

  • You get involved in your major classes much sooner.

  • Community college is more focused on you acquiring a skill versus just getting a degree.  Also, at community colleges, teachers spend more time teaching while the faculty at a 4-year college focus more on publishing books / articles and research.  

  • Smaller classroom sizes which can result in more individualized attention from faculty. At a community college, class sizes may range from 25 - 35 students.  At a university, class size may climb to 100 students. 

  • In most cases, students join the workforce sooner because they complete their specialized courses within 2 years.
    Community colleges have strong ties with business and industry and are thus equipped with state-of- the-art technologies, classrooms, and facilities . Community colleges are leaders in cutting-edge fields such as biomedical engineering, biotechnology, robotics, laser optics, Internet and computer technologies, and geographic information systems. 

  • You will find programs in every major field of study.  


4-Year College:

1. Provide opportunities for independent living. Students may develop life / social skills sooner at a 4-year college because they are more independent. 

2. A 4-year degree is an requirement for some professions or other graduate programs (i.e. teacher, lawyer, physician, etc).






1. Free education

2.  Guaranteed paycheck and healthcare benefits for you

3. Free rent and an allowance for utilities

4. Military discounts

5. Free training

6. World Travel

7. Vacation (30 days of vacation per year)

8. Space A travel (free flights between bases)



1. You can't easily quit.

2. You must adhere to their personal grooming standards.

3. You cannot choose where you serve.  They will ask  you for preferences, but sometimes they may not still send you to another state / country.

4. You could suffer physical or emotional damage.

5. There may be a time when you have to take someone's life.  Can you do that?