birth your book

birth your book


Are you ready to publish your book? 

It's time to transfer your ideas from your head to your hand.


Is there a  Book Inside You That Will Transform Lives?

You Don't Need Big Bucks to Publish Your Transformational Book! 


When I published my first book, at age 25, I spent big bucks to have it printed. And then it happened -- the books were delivered!  I had boxes of books stored in my basement.  I was overwhelmed.  I didn't know how to sell them.  No one knew about the books, except me. Truthfully, I didn't sell as many as I thought I would.  I had not done my homework.   Had I known then what I know now, I would have done things differently and saved a few thousand dollars.  The good news is -- You can learn from my mistakes that I have already paid for.  Now, I have four books on Amazon and two eBooks that have had international impact.


I work with transformational authors (or authors-to-be).  If your book provides a solution for change, growth, or success, you are a transformational author.  Here is why you should publish your book!

  • Credibility -Publishing your book gives you credibility in your field.

  • Expert - Publishing your book establishes you as an expert.


  • Marketing - Your books serves as a marketing tool for your business or cause.


  • Global Reach- Publishing your book allows you to make a global impact.  Your book will reach people that you can't meet.


  • Income - Publishing your book allows you to earn a residual income.


  • Contribution- Publishing your book positions you to share your wisdom with others and help them solve their problems.

You can publish your book on Amazon within 90 days! It's not as difficult as you think. The Birth Your Book program will walk you through the process from start to finish to complete your masterpiece. As a Book Coach, I have already created  the tools to help you CREATE your book. This program addresses the following:


  • The mindset that is necessary to (get unstuck and) birth your book or finish the book that you already started. 

  • How to properly identify your audience and convey your message.

  • Options to complete your book (even if you are not a good writer) in 90 days.

  • How to organize and develop the content (chapters) for your book and write an intro that makes an impact.

  • How to format your book (and find templates).

  • How to design your cover (for free) and / or find affordable freelancers to help with your cover.

  • How to find freelancers to help you with your book (at very inexpensive rates - like $5.00)

  • How to get your ISBN number for free or $10 and how to copyright easily.

  • How to convert your book to Kindle.


Birth Your Book consists of 10 modules.

You'll receive a training video, a workbook, and 10 MP3 audio files.