About Evolved You Coaching

There are times when change is good.

Evolved You is a Movement that is designed to connect you to your purpose, passion, magnificence, and miracle!  Evolved You provides the tools that are necessary for your personal and professional evolution.  Now is a great time to incorporate change into your life. These tools are in the form of:

  • Group coaching (live and virtual)

  • Master classes

  • Inspirational messages (You Tube).

  • Conference & Retreats

  • Books (on Amazon)

  • The Evolve Blog (it's evolving)

The path of change is necessary if your goal is to live the life that God intended for you. Most people want to change something! Here are the keys to getting lasting change in your life:

  • Choices - Change requires you to make new choices about you relationships, environment, health, finances, work.  Each choice that you make is an asset or liability to you.  It is important to see the power that your choices have.

  • Habits - Habits will make and break you.  Successful people have consistent good habits that serve them.  There are good habits and bad habits.  Check your habits.

  • Attitude - Attitude is created by your mindset. Your attitude will open doors for you that your education, money or relationships can't open.  Your attitude can also close doors that you are qualified to enter. 

  • Navigation System - Every level of success requires a map, plan and process (navigation system).  True transformation requires you to follow a map.  Just as you depend on a GPS to navigate you from one point to another, success requires the same.  One of the greatest gains is having ACCESS to a navigation system. 

  • Genius - You are a genius, but have you tappen into your Genius? You have talent and uniqueness that distinguishes you from the next person. We refer to this as your GENIUS.  The discovery of your inner genius will help you live a life of purpose and passion. 

  • Education -  Achieving and maintaining lasting change requires "know how." If you desire change, it is important to know-how to get it.  Your success will depend on your coach-ability.  Are you coachable and available for learning?