30-day transformation journal 

For Tweens & Adults

You've heard others say, "One day, things will change" or "I'm waiting for my ship to come in." You don't have to keep waiting for your ship to come in!  You can create your own ship! Unfortunately, when you adopt the belief that you are waiting for your ship to come in, you become a victim and render yourself powerless. 

What if you could drastically change your life and see new results in 30 days? Would you do it?  If you could bring an end to the frustration, suffering, negativity, and hopelessness, would you? Do you want to spend the next year or next 5 years trying to change?  You can't afford to circle this same mountain again.  It affects your health, your wealth, your emotional / mental well-being, as well as your spirituality.  


Here is a life-changing journal that will connect the dots for you.